Dipnall Dipnell Dupenhalle et al

Alexander and Adelaide Dipnalls Buried Manor Park Cemetery (Newham)

With the transcription of Cemetery records recently released from this location we have ound the following
  1. Adelaide DIPNALL we believe to be formerly HART was buried in Manor Park Cemetery (Newham) on 25th June 1942 which would have been during the war. It is stated that she died on 19th Jun 1942, which would have been during WWII.
  2. It is most likely this was the wide of the gentleman buried just the following year listed as Alexander Michael DIPNALL, whom we believe but have yet to evidence is most likely Adelaide’s husband who was Baptised Alexander Matthias in the family line, but understandably was listed as Michael given the likely sensitivities to anything Germanic, or there is a transcription error, we have yet to find out. He was buried 27 March 1943.