Dipnall Dipnell Dupenhalle et al

Bishops Waltham Hampshire

The current town of Bishops Waltham is not the same as the much larger historic and powerful parish which was the location of the Bishop of Winchester’s Palace which was very key in history.

Hence when a Dipnall (or similar is listed as Bishops Waltham) consideration should be given to how much larger the area was in earlier times than it shows as a location say on Google Maps.

For mapping until we have more precise records, anyone with an exact address is geo-tagged accordingly with the precise long/lat coordinates but if not then just the current town centre is used.

On the Map, multiple people are listed on the single pin, where the long/lat co-ordinates match exactly. Hence multiple individuals may only show as a a single pin/ a count of one in the clusters. You can see this on the map below, if you explore Bishops Waltham as an example…

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