Dipnall Dipnell Dupenhalle et al

Children of Daniel and Lydia DIPNALL

The Parish Baptism records for Sarah Ann DIPNALL also revealed that not only were her mother and father definitely Daniel and Lydia DIPNALL but also on the same double page of the Parish Register the following sibblings baptism records are also noted:


  1. Sarah Ann DIPNALL Baptised as daughter dated 1825
    • , when Sarah Ann Dies probate granted to her brother Matthias SS DIPNALL, she dies in 1887
  2. Matthias Sidney Smith DIPNALL baptised as son
  3. James Fairlie Thomas DIPNALL baptised as son,
    • is the same JFT DIPNALL whos son James Daniel DIPNALL eventually moves to Australia. dated
  4. Lydia Jermima DIPNALL baptised as daughter dated 1823

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