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Daniel DIPNELL Baptised Born 1793

In our obsession with all persons Daniel DIPNALL pre 1837 registers, we have luckily unearthed a snippet from the Parish Register St Marys Lambeth showing the baptism of Daniel DIPNELL ( spelling query) as son of Matthias and Ann DIPNALL.

We have to check whether this record correlates with the marriage and children of Matthias DIPNALL who married Ann WARD of Liverpool was a sea-faring chap and maybe then the link to the Daniel DIPNALL who married Lydia and dies, possibly in India and leaves the start of our raceable London cluster showing a potential relationship with the Matthias Dipnalls who become involved in customs and end up in Gosport. BUT we stress this is a line of enquiry and not as yet proven.

IF this is the birth of Daniel DIPNALL who becomes Master of his own ship and dies in India then this one record is a break through..but is it…

Food for thought, what can we find and trace, needs some timeline checks but busy on other projects at the moment so will have to check later…


Have attached digital image of the snippet for reference only.

snippet from St Marys Lambeth Parish Register

snippet from St Marys Lambeth Parish Register





Name: Daniel Dipnell
Baptism Date: 27 Sep 1793
Parish: St Mary at Lambeth
County: Surrey
Borough: Lambeth
Parent(s): Matthias Dipnell,
Ann Dipnell
Record Type: Baptism
Register Type: Parish Register