Dipnall Dipnell Dupenhalle et al

Dipnall Dipnal Dipnol Dipnell are they the same?

There are a number of transcription errors that are quite easy to check out but along with the original geographic location of the origin of the name, are the similar spellings in essence the same name?

By mapping the instances of very similar names will we be able to show the geographic clusters are key in determining whether these are shared names?

Is the meaning of the similar spellings also the same and what are the linguistic origins of the name?

Sometimes even in the same family cluster the spelling changes as well, but given the small number of families with the name DIPNALL in the UK alone there is a possibility that the other versions may bolster the ranks?

So this is again a resource where we hope to collect resources and records to help determine the answers to these questions.

If you have views and contribution or records and references to share please use our contact form or comments directly on Disqus on the site.

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