Dipnall Dipnell Dupenhalle et al

Dipnall Residence 1911 34 King Street Southsea Portsmouth

Ancestry records confirm with FMP that the address was 34 King Street Southsea Portsmouth in 1911 when my grandmother Helene born Ellen after her mother was just aged 4.


Other occupants include her parents sibblings and step sister (1 of 2)

  • Frank Denton Dipnall age 37 occupation Compositer Linotype operator
  • so this shows that he was as previously not in an editorial role which became distorted in subsequent verbal history. The importance of reading the details on the returns…Linotype was the brand leader for hot metal type setting and was the world leader for fonts. An intirguing connection to his great great grandson David who became a Graphic Designer and learnt about Linotype.
  • Ellen Dipnall age 36 wife not currently working
  • Ellen Naomi Rose Emily Dipnall age 4
  • John Denton Dipnall 2 would live until WWII when he died whilst a Japanese POW
  • Kathleen Lilian Beatrice Dipnall 2/12
  • Mary Ewing Wallace age 18 step-sister by Mothers previous marriage,  Mary later married George and went to America
  • Mabel Wallace was entered in same hand as the signatory my Great Grandfather but mysteriously the line is scored out and annotated with the word DEAD she was correctly noted as age 17 but she was certainly not dead and went on to marry Gilbert Wadge and have two daughters both known to me, definitely a bit of intriguing family history here….
  • Walter Henty age 40 were friends visiting  annotated that he was a professional but nothing specific
  • Barbara Henty age 40

Nearby was the Eldon Arms which was a public house frequented by several generations of the Dipnalls including myself and my brother David, bu that is another chapter…


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