Dipnall Dipnell Dupenhalle et al

James Fairlie Thomas DIPNALL became Freeman of City of London 1847


James Fairlie Thomas DIPNALL son of Daniel and Lydia

Intriguing Connections India Colonial Broking the father a Master Mariner

James F T DIPNALL became a Freeman as Colonial Broker in 1847, he was also a JP, Justice of the Peace, on this record some very intriguing threads and connections are brought together.

The family business address and nature of business are confirmed. It is also the likely basis of why his son later goes to Australia (James Daniel DIPNALL.)


It also and for the first time at the time of writing confirms that the Master Mariner I had been told about by my Grandmother and Mother was most likely and at least 90% certain JFT’s Father Daniel DIPNALL who was married to Lydia and sadly leaves her as a widow at the early age of just 40, having died in Calcutta whilst shipping goods on a merchant vessel.

Quite recently, a kind contact from India advised they had located the grave in Calcutta and have a digital picture of it, and the written reference on this card makes the connection as certain as we can be after the time that has passed.

This also links now the Horsleydown prior generation of DIPNALLS to the JFT London cluster and his father Daniel as it is in Horsleydown where Lydia settles as a widow with her two remaining 20 year old children.

The repeated first name of Matthias and the link/association with Customs Officers and the listing of Daniel alongside some of those related Dipnalls in various publications lead me to believe we are no on the path to connecting the Portsmouth and London clusters.

The verbal anecdotal accounts from my Grand Mother and Mother on this connection seem to be too great for them to be a pure accident, but we need to pursue this now even more tenaciously than before following this little but very significant break through on this card as per image attached.


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  1. AJRM on December 29, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    Australia, Calcutta and the City of London, a common denominator is the story unfolding of the Dipnalls worldwide.

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