Dipnall Dipnell Dupenhalle et al

Kate DIPNALL 1895 Giving Piano Lessons

This was Kate sister of Frank Denton DIPNALL, with a small classified listing in the Portsmouth Evening News dated Monday 3rd June 1895.

It just says quite simply:

“Miss Kate Dipnall receives pupils for Singing and Pianoforte Lessons 57 Bailey’s Rd Southsea” ¬†our grandmother had told us of both her aunt and her father’s musical abilities and certainly the various newspaper archives are revealing snippets that support these verbal recollections.

It is a real shame we could not have found these when my Mum and Gran would have still been alive, but I suppose that is progress, In just 10-20 years so much more has become possible.

I am certainly intrigued by the wealth of data that the small ads, social announcements and local papers are revealing. Lucky i guess that there are not that many Dipnalls, so tracing and verifying who is who is relatively simple but given these hold information not available in offical records what a great find they are.

Southsea is a part of Portsmouth so now to find and map if we can the address and will the building sitll be there in Streetview…



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