Dipnall Dipnell Dupenhalle et al

Martha Jane DIPNALL Widow Census 1891 Living on own means

Martha’s maiden name was EDGECOMBE she had married Daniel DIPNALL in Portsmouth and here she is living on her own means with two servants a cook and house maid and no other family members in the house. She originally live in South Stoneham West End Hampshire with her husband Daniel. It currently seems likely therefore that they move back to Portsmouth subsequently due to family connections? There are Dipnalls in Portsmouth and her own father was from Portsmouth area when she married.

The address is 5 Nelson Road Portsmouth, so we are adding to our map.

She also marries a Dipnall from London Sidney Smith Dipnall after the death of her 1st husband. Whilst this seems given rairty of the family name too much of a coincidence we are still chasing down that line of enquiry for the linking evidence. Not quite there yet!


Here is the house currently on that location, we need to research history of the house but the location is correct and we know she had reasonable means from the probate records. Was the later marriage a family estate and tax move? Need to consider that with probate records,


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