Dipnall Dipnell Dupenhalle et al

Medieval Connections

In respect of the One-Name story of the DIPNALLS we are currently working on a better understanding of the historic reasons why if the Dipnalls originate from Farnham (a reasonable hypothesis to test) what were the historic reasons they might migrate over time from 1068+ to specifically Winchester, Bishops Waltham, Portsmouth and the rural villages ina nd around those areas. Given the reasons for migrating to London are easier to trace this is where we are seeking more knowledge of the historical background during 2012.

To do this we are working with data connected to intriguing History and Hampshire History and specific research of Farnham, Bishops Waltham, Winchester and Portsmouth for starters.

Have joined a couple of local history groups to both hopefully contribute and also benefit from more detailed local knowledge starting with HGS (Waltham Chase) Branch and Bishops Waltham History Society that runs the Local History museum on site at the Bishops Waltham Palace. The help of those with specific and geographically based history interests is a great combination with those of us pursuing family history projects and hopefully vice versa.

This voyage is getting very interesting, as I had never suspected I would need to trace back as far as Doomsday and forward to stand a chance of perhaps understanding something of the story of this name and our family. What a lot we are learning and how intriguing…

Keep posted about our other capers if you are interested on Intriguing Family History and Intriguing History and if you have a Hampshire interest watch out because we have another project in development.

PS Have located this post at Bishop’s Waltham because here seems to be the key to the next steps to delve into quite deeply for the months to come.



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