Dipnall Dipnell Dupenhalle et al

Sidney S Dipnall Marriage to Martha Jane widow of Daniel DIPNALL confirmed and clarified 1874

The Hampshire Advertiser 30 Sept 1874 records a Marriage listing see snippet :

On the 24th instant at St. James Church West End, by the Rev.  Bernard Robinson, married Sidney S. Dipnall, esq,of Upper Lewisham road, Kent to Martha Jane,widow of the late Daniel Dipnall Esq, of west End Villa, near Southampton.



Prior to the discovery of this record we had not been able to confirm for certain which Daniel and Martha this was, now we know for certain as per listing.

  1. Sidney’s address is confirmed and matches and the West Env Village and house where Martha and Daniel Dipnall lived previously also has been cross-referenced and matched.
  2. No we need to confirm and investigate whether (with what was still an unusual name the two Dipnall men were related, brothers or cousins?
  3. There are related probate records that suggest there may have been other links as well between the families, when the names of the executors as well as the beneficiaries are considered.
Progress, and motivation for more research…


The death of daniel is also listed as follows in the Hampshire advertiser

On the 7th instant, at his residence, West End Villa, near Southampton, Daniel Dipnall, Esq., aged 67. being 7th May 1865




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